How to Incorporate CBD to your Beauty Routine

How to Incorporate CBD to your Beauty Routine

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By now, we all know of the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol, or CBD. But did you know that these properties can also be applied to daily skincare practices to increase skin health, improve elasticity and regulate oil production? While an easy solution is applying our Everyday Hemp Face Oil onto your face, there are other methods of increasing your skin’s health and radiance by adding cannabidiol to your daily beauty routine.

6 Easy Ways to Add CBD to Your Skincare Routine

Directly to your face

A topical application allows you to bypass the bodily systems to provide CBD relief directly to the source. Instead of passing through the bloodstream and digestive system, applying oil topically to the spot delivers more immediate results to your targeted area. For those who battle eczema, psoriasis, or other skin issues, adding our Everyday Hemp Face Oil (linked**)  can help to calm the areas, relieve any discomfort and mitigate symptoms like itch and inflammation.

In your makeup 

If you seek a more dewy application of your favorite foundation or face makeup, consider adding a few drops of your CBD oil. Mix well and apply using your fingertips or a sponge. The result will be a luminous, lighter application of your makeup and will provide your skin the benefits of the CBD oil throughout the day.

As a spot treatment

If the thought of adding more oil to your skin concerns you, feel free to start your skin’s CBD introduction as a spot treatment. Because of CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties and impact on oil production, using it as a spot treatment on problem areas and pimples can help to draw out the issue and regulate skin.

In your face mask

Looking for new ways to practice self-care at home? Try a CBD face mask. By adding a few drops to your go-to face mask, you add moisture without clogging your pores. It will leave your skin soft, supple and feel rejuvenated.

Adding to your lip products 

In the winter months especially, dry, cracked and chapped lips are an issue that plague many of us. Adding CBD to your lip balm is an easy way to add extra moisture or create a more uniform base for a smooth application of lip products.

With your Gua Sha 

To provide a “slip”, you should always use a facial oil, moisturizer, serum or mist before using your gua sha stone. It will help the gua sha to easily glide over the skin, without tugging or pulling on the delicate facial skin. To learn more about the gua sha stone, click here.

Whichever method of incorporation you decide to add, the addition of CBD oil ensures a soft and rejuvenated impact to your skincare routine. Which method will you try out first?

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