Understanding CBG & CBD And Why Single Source Certified Organic Hemp Matters

Understanding CBG & CBD And Why Single Source Certified Organic Hemp Matters

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Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) are two types of cannabinoids derived from cannabis plants, both of which interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, neither producing psychoactive effects. 

As the popularity of CBD continues to expand, CBG is quickly becoming just as well-known and appreciated.

What Is CBG?

CBG is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids”, as all cannabinoids are derived from an acidic form of CBG, cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). 

CBG is also considered more rare than other cannabinoids. The concentrations of CBG are highest in young cannabis plants. As the CBG converts to other cannabinoids throughout the maturation of the plant, CBG concentrations in most plants can be as low as 1%

Benefits Of CBG & CBD

CBD may be found in plants at significantly higher concentrations than CBG. CBD is one of the most abundant compounds in cannabis plants, while concentrations of CBG in plants are so low that its rarity makes it expensive.

Despite its premium, CBG remains a sought-after choice for many individuals due to its distinct value and unique role for those with specific needs in their wellness journey. 

With that in mind, it is important to recognize that CBD and CBG are both outstanding in their notable similarities and differences. While cultivation and production impact the quality and thereby economics of nearly all food and wellness products, the factor of rarity alone does not always make CBG “better” than CBD. At Bottle & Stone, we celebrate the benefits of CBD and CBG, with our aim of empowering you to write your own story with rituals that align with your needs and values every step of the way. 

CBG may serve as a natural alternative to anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) and mood-boosting pharmaceutical drugs. While CBD is not believed to directly interact with alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, CBG has been scientifically observed to parallel certain antidepressants in its inhibition of alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. The interaction of CBG with adrenergic receptors may contribute to our body’s natural stress response and the release of norepinephrine and serotonin. 

While the research continues to explore the power of CBD and CBG, CBG is believed to bind more than CBD with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. The CB1 receptors are primarily found in the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, which influence mood, appetite, and pain perception. Pain relief is one of the most highly sought-after benefits of consuming CBD oil or smoking CBG, with many reporting it to provide more effective relief than conventional medical treatments. Furthermore, for some individuals, CBG may encourage the stimulation of appetite, helping to ease the discomfort of those who experience appetite suppression due to the effects of certain medical issues or treatments.

CB2 receptors are involved in the anti-inflammatory functions of the peripheral nervous system as well as the immunosuppressive function of cells. The anti-inflammatory potential of CBG may improve appetite signaling and help manage chronic inflammation and pain of disorders like arthritis and gastrointestinal issues, such as inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Early research has found that CBG may offer relief and neuroprotection for those experiencing Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, or Alzheimer’s disease by protecting neurons from oxidative stress, inflammation, and excitatory toxicity.

The Importance Of Single Source Certified Organic CBD

The scarcity of CBG in natural cannabis strains has prompted innovations and developments of genetically manipulated strains designed to yield higher concentrations of CBG. When shopping for the best CBD or CBG, it is important to be aware that many hemp brands do not sell organic or single-origin extracts, but rather, combinations of isolated cannabinoids and terpenes from various different sources. These blends are vastly different in integrity than whole plant extracts that come from a single, organic source.

Founded by culinary expert and professional chef Shayna Taylor, Bottle & Stone meticulously controls ingredient sourcing and quality from beginning to end—from the cultivation of hemp at our very own organic farm in the USA to you having your very own tincture of CBD oil.

Our commitment to single-origin organic CBD guarantees uniform freshness of all phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, capturing and preserving nature’s intended Entourage Effect. Every drop of Bottle & Stone solely originates from our organically certified farm and is tested by a third-party lab to ensure an accurate and clean final product that contains less than 0.3% THC and any other possible contaminants. 

Bottle & Stone offers a variety of handcrafted products, infused with single-origin, certified organic, and third-party lab-tested full-spectrum CBD, empowering you to thrive naturally and achieve health and happiness on your own terms. 

Explore our CBD online to discover how #WeedBeGoodTogether or email us at  assistant@bottleandstone.us.

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