Hang-Drying Hemp: A Critical Stage in the Harvestation

Hang-Drying Hemp: A Critical Stage in the Harvestation

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Did you know that drying is one of the most critical stages of producing oil? The temperature of the drying room is extremely important as drying too quickly or with too much heat can strip the nutrients of the hemp plant. At Bottle & Stone, we know that slow and steady wins the race. We believe that you deserve to get the most from your products and ensuring a slow drying process is just one of the ways we can promise you a high quality CBD oil.

Because of an early frost in late September, our hemp has already been harvested and is hanging to dry from the safety of an indoor and covered barn. It might take a few months, but the slow approach is the only way we can produce a product that is pure and the highest of quality. Bottle & Stone strives to offer the highest quality of CBD oil and knows that in order to do that, no corners can be cut. While our drying process is slow and time consuming, we believe that the quality of our products speaks for itself.

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