Why We Are Different

We have our own hemp farm in Vermont.

• Certified organic
• Our CBD farm is on a Land Preservation
• Practices regenerative agriculture
• Everything done by hand and hung dry on our farm.
• 3 times tested throughout the growing and extraction process.
• Boutique farm so everything highest quality and looked over daily.
• We use windmill for electrical power

Our Founder and CEO Shayna is a trained organic chef and holistic nutritionist

Shayna has created bottle and stone out of being a problem solver for not only herself but for many of her followers, close family, and friends.

Shayna is known for thoroughly vetting ingredients and holding her brand and other brands accountable to be honest, trustworthy and transparent.

Shayna has dedicated her life to inspiring and empowering others around her to live a healthy lifestyle and tune into their intuition by listening to their body and letting it tell you what it needs.

Woman owned and operated

We are a fully women run business.

We help people thrive by solving their problems