Bottle & Stone takes great pride in our Vermont farm, and all the work that goes into it. We ensure that along each step of the way, we are providing for and protecting the earth.

We Seek To Set The Standard.

Whether it be by providing the highest quality of CBD-based remedies or aiming for full farm sustainability, we want to influence other

hemp farmers to grow hemp the way it should be grown. By nourishing the earth and caring about the quality of the soil, we know that

Bottle & Stone is protecting and honoring Mother Nature.

We’re working towards becoming a fully biodynamic farm, meaning that each practice brings vitality back into the soil, plant and even the livestock.

We’ve introduced bees, chickens, and a variety of fruits and vegetables and know that we will enhance the quality of the earth, without diminishing any resources for future generations. We are very proud of our farm and will continue to be fully transparent with our practices in the Green Mountain State.