About CBD

CBD is an all-natural cannabidiol that comes directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, CBD is the legal alternative for people who want wellness benefits with a clear mind.

The ritual use of cannabis for healing goes back thousands of years, but cannabidiol (also known as CBD) was first studied directly in 1940 by professors from the University of Illinois. Then in 1965, Raphael Mechoulam’s team managed to synthesize and isolate it for studies that continued for decades to research the possible therapeutic applications of CBD for all-natural wellness––a legacy we’re proud to continue with our full-spectrum CBD, derived from organic Vermont hemp.

CBD is popular among those looking for all-natural and wide-reaching wellness. As scientists continue their research into the possible benefits of CBD, we’re proud to offer organic, single-origin CBD products to bring you peace of mind.

CBD is an all-natural compound, and one our body knows to recognize–– the human body even produces certain cannabinoids on its own! CBD works by interacting with our existing endocannabinoid system (or ECS), which is the largest neurotransmitter system in the human body. This system has receptors that help regulate everything from pain and appetite to metabolism, sleep, and immune functions.

These receptors, which are categorized as CB1receptors (found mainly in the brain) and CB2 receptors (found mainly in the immune system) are activated by natural endocannabinoids produced by the human body as well as by plant cannabinoids––which is what CBD products stimulate in cooperation with our bodies.

That’s why we use full-spectrum, single-origin CBD to bring you all the natural benefits. Unlike some isolates, we offer CBD as nature intended, organic, and with less than 0.3% THC involved.

Since CBD can be taken in many forms––in oil, cream or even food!––we’ve developed a suite of product offerings to fit our all-natural and full-spectrum CBD into your existing lifestyle.



CBD is used by lots of people for lots of reasons, most commonly for peace of mind, but the benefits go far beyond that. CBD is also used as an all-natural supplement to promote wellness with a wide array of benefits. To keep those benefits, we use organic, full-spectrum CBD for a whole-plant solution rather than merely relying on an isolated ingredient. This allows all the compounds in CBD to work together for a cohesive, whole and natural effect derived directly from the plant itself.



Our CBD-producing hemp is grown by hand in Vermont; to assure a consistent, healthful product, we maintain quality and consistency by growing our hemp plants ourselves. Running our own farm means that we know what goes into each plant–– from the water to the soil––to deliver an all-organic, single-origin and all-natural CBD product that’s made the way that nature intended.

Our Other Ingredients

Our other ingredients match our high standards: we only use the finest, organic and all-natural ingredients to support our full-spectrum single-origin CBD to bring you the best in wellness. These include cinnamon bark and cinnamon oil which helps absorption, peppermint for stomach-friendly freshness and monk fruit extract for a balanced sweetener that won’t spike your glycemic index.


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